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Museum Solo & Tour Exhibitions

Color Me Black

A Solo Exhibition by Gloria Keh

Presenting 20 paintings predominently in black

Haegeumgang Theme Museum/Yukyung Art Museum, South Korea

July/August 2024

Color Me Black is the title of this exhibition, as black is my favourite color.  


I love painting in black, because in black I see all colors, dancing together, blending into each other, and becoming One.

Personally, I also believe in The Void, and that God, for want of a better word, emerged from this Void. And the color of The Void is black.

Black is all colors.

Black is the color of renunciation, and I thrive in silence and solitude. 


The Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake, once declared that there are 12 shades of black. And when I work with black, I experience his words. Black is mysterious, dynamic, soulful.


One of my favourite artists, is the late French painter, Pierre Soulages. He was known as the black painter. 


A solo art exhibition by Gloria Keh, Singapore 

At the Chang Kil Hwan Art Museum, South Korea.

April & May 2023

Twenty artworks specially painted for Fantapia M The Kil Hwan Chang Art Museum, South Korea.


When the word seasons is mentioned, the mind immediately conjures images of foliage and landscapes of temperate countries that enjoy the four seasons of the year, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Yes, indeed, the seasons do often mean just that: being the changing climates of the year. But what about the seasons of the mind, and the seasons of one’s mortal life?


Isn’t Spring synonymous with birth, renewal, growth and promise? When colors are soft and gentle. The age of childhood, youth and young adulthood? And Summer a time of life thats vibrant, charged with energy and passion? Perhaps the age group when one is in one’s 20s to 40’s? A time for the quest of sensory pleasures?


Then we have the Autumn of life, when we begin to let go, a time of maturity, confidence and assurance. And finally, we enter the Winter of our lives - a time of wisdom, quietude, perhaps of prayer, solitude and gratitude.


There are no hard and fast rules to the timing of these stages of life. No particular year when one can say ‘this is the summer of my life’. For in the mind, the seasons do overlap, and often in one’s emotional life, one can even experience the four seasons in just a day, if not in just an hour.


The 20 paintings in this collection presents the four SEASONS in the life of an earthling. Each season comprises of five paintings.


The colors start from the darkness of being in utero, graduating to the lighter, softer colors of spring; entering boldly into the summer of life; and then unveiling the rich warm autumnal hues so synonymous with the season of Fall. Finally, blues and whiter shades of pales for winter, take centrestage, ending with the artist’s favourite color - Black.


Then, the circle is complete: we started in black and end predominently in black. For black is all colors and the color of The Void.


I invite you to take this journey with me - through the seasons of life, expressed in colors, and abstraction.

image_6487327 (3).JPG
image_6487327 (7).JPG

ENERGY Solo Exhibition

at the Yeosu Art Museum, South Korea

19 to 30 December 2022


Organised by the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, South Korea

Tour Exhibition arranged by the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South Korea.


At the BNK Kyongnam Bank Gallery


Exhibition period: November 21st - December 2nd, 2022


Energy Tour Exhibition

Busan Dongnae Cultural Center, Busan, South Korea.


Arranged by the Haegeumgamg Theme Museum.

Solo exhibition ENERGY at Daesan Art Museum, South Korea,

15 October - 7 November 2022


Solo Exhibition

Yukyung Art Museum/Haegeumgang Theme Museum

 South Korea

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[Gyeongnam Day Daily] Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Gloria Ke ‘Energy’ exhibition held




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energy solo-01.jpg

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A four page article with a back cover feature in Praxis, an art publication.

ART  by  Gloria Keh

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