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Circles of Love was established in 2008.  It is an art-based project in an effort to raise funds for  both local as well as international charities. Initially, Circles of Love produced greeting cards, bookmarks, journals and notebooks, but with the passage of time, went on to produce bags, baby rompers, mugs, pouches, inspiration charts, art journals, and calendars. The artworks on paper, as well as with time, the paintings on canvases, are by Gloria Keh.


In 2012, Circles of Love gave rise to another outreach programme, being the creation of notebooks, badges, stickers, coloring and activity books for children, under 1000 SMILES – Art in the Service to Humanity. These books have reached children in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Nepal, East Timor, Australia and even to children’s charities in Canada.


In thanksgiving for these blessings, the artist shares a selection of her works through her Facebook pages. 

ART  by  Gloria Keh

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