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Appointment as HONORED MEMBER of the Consell International de les Arts CIA of the United Nations Arts & Sciences (UNOTA)


​The year was 1952, when Gloria Keh was born in the Chinese Year of The Dragon.

​Her late father, Martin Fu, was an oil painter, who although never achieved fame, and died poor, enjoyed many rich experiences from his art and his love of classical music and European opera.  Gloria was blessed to grow up in a household surrounded by art and music.  Not only did her father paint a great deal, but her late elder brother had a passion for making watercolor paintings which were always of very serious looking Catholic saints.  And mother would spend her leisure time coloring black and white comic books.  But art is art, no matter what the subject may have been. 

Because it was a difficult task making a living as an oil painter, her late father was forced to work in an advertising agency, as a commercial artist, in order to support his family. Gloria would also hang around her father, either in his office, or when he freelanced, working on graphic art, at home.  She enjoyed watching him work, making art... Hence, she was exposed to commercial art and graphics from a very impressionable age. In addition, to subsidise her allowance, Gloria began peddling little artworks drawn and painted in poster colors, even before she was 10.  She would sell her little drawings/paintings for $3 a pop, indeed a princely sum in those days for a child.

However, with the passage of time, Gloria entered the work force, taking on jobs in other fields of employment, that certainly afforded better monetary rewards than art.  Sadly, art was to take a back seat for a long time, until 1996, when in Melbourne, Gloria began serious study in mandala art and symbolism.  Her teacher, Georgina Fode of the Theosophical Society, played an important role in her development as an artist. Her study in mandala art and symbolism continued for a decade, following which, upon the blessings and request of her mandala teacher, Gloria began facilitating mandala workshops both in Melbourne and Singapore.  She also undertook a short study course in art therapy.

Although she attributes her first art teacher to be her late father, Gloria studied oil painting under P. Gnana of Gnani Arts in Singapore. And acrylic painting under the watchful eye of her mentor, Gregory Burns.

Says Gloria: “As I age, I prefer the comforts and quiet of solitude.  Painting provides me with a form of meditation, and I find inner peace and healing through my art.”

Cover Story by Praxis Art international magazine featuring artworks for the forthcoming lunar new year of The Dragon

Appraisal of work by Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi


It is with pleasure and gratitude that i share this document signed by foremost Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi. My work t-Yang (the t is silent) was featured in the publications Porto Franco and Artisti 23.

Translation of text:
It symbolically reflects the concept of yang. The opposite and the completion the canvas is on expressively the male component, fallic, active, linked to fire, sky and light. But they bring us back to earth and thus to yin.



Interview with Maria Concetta Cefalu of Brancaccio e Cultura

English Version

Italian Version

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531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor-Chelsea

New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212-255-9050   Fax: 212-255-9020

The artist, Gloria Keh, is pleased to be included in this YouTube video show featuring her art exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea, New York. And to have the Consul General of the Singapore Consulate in New York, Jasmin Wee’s kind support. 


Please click onto this link to view the video featuring not just Gloria’s work but the works of other international artists. The artist would like to thank Madam Consul General Jasmin Wee, TV personality n producer Kristal Hart; and curator/director of the gallery, Ruthie Tucker.

Please note, Kristal Hart is the sole producer and editor of all editorial material. Kristal Hart edits the show and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery has no influence or control over the content or segments which Ms. Kristal Hart features.


Featured Interview in The Heroine’s Journey

An invitation from Peter de Kuster

Represented by Circle Foundation


persona_three 26 Jun.jpg

Interview published on 21st August 2019 in the website of Contemporary Art Station, London, UK. Please click onto the following link to read my interview. Thank you.


Am absolutely delighted to have 12 of my paintings selected by Artifact, New York, for inclusion in their Art UpClose site. Kindly click onto this link to view my work.


Featured Artist of VAFH 2020: Gloria Keh, Singapore - Voice of SAP


To blossom forth, a work of art must ignore or rather forget all the rules.” – Picasso

ART  by  Gloria Keh

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