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Two works specially painted for a MAIL ART EXHIBITION in The Netherlands, end 2019. With the theme on ‘Mother’, the exhibition boasts over 100 works by international artists.  The event is organised by HHAP (Heemels and Hanssen Art Productions) and will be staged at KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck Herkenbosch.

Two artworks for mailart project Network Society, Istanbul, Turkey. April/May 2021.
Curator:  Muberra bulbul

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Donations of Paintings



As i abide by the words of an old proverb that states that “THE HAND OF THE GIVER IS NEVER EMPTY,” paintings are available as donations in kind to registered charities for their own fundraisers, be it through auctions, charity sales, lucky draws, etc...


The paintings featured as follows are works that have found their way to the homes of generous donors and kind souls.

If any charity organisation would like to include my work in their fundraising galas and/or other events, please contact the artist, Gloria Keh (see details under Contact)

Four paintings were donated to Lakeside Family Services, Singapore; a charity serving the local community. All four were successfully auctioned.

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Special Collections


The Fantasy Cup Museum

Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum

South Korea (March 2021)


Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum
South Korea (November 2020)


Private Collections

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